My name is Naví

Or as other languages would phrase it: I call myself Naví.

That’s my chosen name, the one that fits me, the one that best describes me and my purpose in life. It’s pronounced nuh-VEE.

Yes, I’ve heard of the blue people in the film ‘Avatar’ and the little firefly in ‘Legend of Zelda’ who both share my name. Naví doesn’t originate from those recent US-american pieces of entertainment in popular culture. The name comes from much deeper roots, an origin I cannot speak of — nor would I share it in words if I could.


Some things are best left unspoken.

In this little online compendium I focus on memories, on stories, on a moment in time that I once felt and that I can remember and translate into words (or paintings or music or whatever kind of recordable communication).

I do my best to refrain from time-bound references in my writing here, such as political movements or specific technological devices or well-known persons. Learnings are most effective when they are made neutral. And although everything is relative, I do not believe in ‘boasting’ of my doings or involvements — neither in this space nor in private conversation. I have nothing to prove from my personal experience, just — perhaps — something to leave behind for others to learn from. Perhaps.

So it’s best I leave out the juicy details, then, eh? I’ll forgo the Call-to-Actions and external links to other websites and ubiquitous stock photos accompanying most every blog post on the internet.

I pen my words quietly, at home, and usually when it’s raining. I have the same principles and resolutions as those behind WordPress, and am happy to support their Content Management System by utilizing it to publish my (select) works for free.

You, the reader, are free to share my words and interpret them as you see fit. I’d hope you’re also kind enough to source them back to this origin, so that third parties can follow up and fact-check and enquire if they desire: bonjour navi [at] gmail [dot] com — and please do remove the unnecessary punctuation in the email address if you’d like to get in touch.