New Life, New Direction

I started writing a post with more thorough explanation…. but then I realized it probably wouldn’t make much sense to the people I love, the people I think will read this. So I’m drastically cutting it down to a few key, vague elements.

Perhaps when I’m in my 90s I’ll sit down to pen a really riveting book with details and descriptions of all this history of exciting decisions and legal code…. but for now, here are the basics of my decisions for the next chapter in my life.

Three things.

1. U.S. Citizenship vs. U.S. Nationality

These are defined differently in the INA. National-onlys hold a U.S. passport with a sticker in it, declaring they can’t vote or get help from a U.S. embassy.

I’ve been trying to retain U.S. Nationality the past year, and relinquish U.S. Citizenship.

What does this mean for my family and friends in the U.S. of A.?

I can still visit. I can still get employment there and buy large assets (like land and houses) there. I can still inherit (thought I’m not expecting and not wanting to), and I can still buy a car and drive myself around to visit the people I love, 100% legally and lawfully.

The truth is: the only US-American corporation that wanted to hire me in the past 15 years flew me out to Luxembourg for a final round of interviews there. My skillset is wanted elsewhere. It’s not suitable for the USA.

To my loved ones reading this now: please trust me that I will be able to see you when the time is right. Please stay in contact with me and let me know when is a good time to catch up, sit around the dinner table for hours on end and laugh and cry and tell stories. I say this humbly: my heart, paperwork, finances and personal assistant are all ready to make this happen. Just let me know when is good for you.

I have the same face, eyes, lough laughter and smile — I simply hold a different passport in my hands now.

2. Drastic Career Change

I’ve told some people about my change in plans. And for the general public, I am publishing a book on the topic, entitled “Make Love, Not War: On Becoming a Penis Enlargement Specialist”.

(Side note: My grandmother already self-published a book on Amazon Kindle. She was also on Facebook years before I joined…. I really have to “get with the times” as they say!)

Yes, I am specializing in cosmetic treatments. After many, many years of genuinely wanting to help people and cure cancer and give meaning to others’ lives …. I’ve realized that those people have to help themselves.

There are enough self-help books and therapies and placebos and Divine interventions out there already to help people who genuinely need the help. I will, of course, continue to give Reiki to random un-social people in the subway who really need it. I will, naturally, give food and warmth to random people on the street who genuinely need it.

I will continue to do Good, but I must be careful how I go about it.

It’s two-fold, really. On the one hand, I risk getting in trouble with the F.D.A. and any institution with enough money to sue me for any reason. I have to be careful about the claims of ‘cure’ I make.

On the other hand, I have to be careful about the people to whom I tell / recount my ‘success stories’. I am not able to save lives, only God can. If it is Gods Will, then the person will live no matter what the medicine might be — it’s an utter transformation of Will and Spirit and Mind. With tricks (like alchemy and chemotherapy) a person can live longer, but not much longer. With natural therapy, a person can pass from this life more peacefully. I do the former and the latter, but not the middle.

That’s why I am very vague about what I do regarding healing of illness. That’s also why I do not accept payment for my healing practise and do not ‘search for’ patients. I flow with the Higher Power. I’m constantly working to separate and diminish my mortal human will from that of the Divine, and I perform healing arts very selectively through Gracenote Therapy, a legal formation with insurance and equipment and all those worldly things to keep my person secure.

3. Politics

Although I do now full-flegedly acquiesce to pretty much every authority acted out upon me, I will always vocalize my sentiments against injustice. This includes voting, writing letters to politicians and newspapers, tweeting (posting public messages on the social network Twitter), and of course talking back to the radio and television and any other electronic words broadcasted.

I have a quite intense history regarding politics and authority. I’ve chosen to let both exist (in my life) peacefully within reason. I do humbly admit that the goals and methods I have held the past decade plus were not bringing any lasting success. And although I am dreadfully curious as to what the interview process would entail, I have decided to not submit my application to the C.I.A.

I would much rather have a good pint in the local tavern with friends, then go outside and play guitar and sing and enjoy the fresh night air as we laugh and smoke and make up poetry.

Just harmless fun and banter. That is my intention and plan for this next chapter of my life.

I apologize for the brevity – leave a comment or call me if you’d like clarification.



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