Old Paints, Old Topic

​Love is the only truth. ​

My mother bought me this palatte. I was maybe ten years old, too young for such an expensive gift, but maybe she wanted to encourage my talent and passion at a young age.

These paints have traveled many oceans. I still open them when I wish to express parts of my soul not found through Words. I still pack them before embarking on long journeys.

wc-1 love is the only truth

The lines drawn on the paper before water touched it….. those lines demark where the heart force fields assume their rightful place. The heart communicates through those channels. The lower channels are for speaking with nature and grounding to this earth. The upper channels are for aligning to the Higher Spirit, the place whence we came and most possibly will return.

It’s strange to sketch out these scribbles, as if they’re notes taken during a learning class. I’ve been studying much during my Reiki courses, and was delighted – and confounded – to see the wispy, steam-like Reiki energy passing through a human body. I’ve felt it, but never seen it up until recently. What a delight along this path of learning and exploring!


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